Use this 5 steps
to prepare for a successful interview

January 26, 2018

It is of no surprise that each one of us in one or another situation might have come across the
stress of getting prepared for a job interview. Stressful because, it is the opportunity that the
potential employer gets to fully assess your skills and abilities, which you’ve mentioned in your
profile. If you are not well-prepared of what you’ve written in the resume, then the interview
will turn uncomfortable and even make a not-so-positive impression on the employer.
To avoid such embarrassing situations, here are the five tips that can make you do best in the
job interview.

1. Do your Homework about the Company, Position, and Interviewer
Start your preparation by reading out the job posting thoroughly, i.e. the position advertised, its
requirements, and the key responsibilities. Go through the company’s website, annual reports,
and recent media news and understand the platform on which the company is offering its
products/services to its clients. Use various social networking websites like ‘LinkedIn’ to know
more about the company and the interviewer.

2. Choose the Outfit Wisely
Physical appearance is crucial to leave your first impression on the recruiter, because first
impression is always the best impression when it comes to the job interviews. No matter what
the dress code of the workplace, make sure to show yourself clean and dress professionally. If
you have a beard or mustache, trim it properly. Try to avoid vivid and shining color dresses and
using too much perfume or cologne.

3. Be Punctual & Prepared
You should always do your homework about the interview venue, and try to reach fifteen to
twenty minutes earlier. Before going to the interview take a practice drive to understand the
location and how the route is? & what is the best way to reach it? If the interview venue falls
under one of the busiest places in the city, then check the duration from your place to the
interview location and make sure proper parking facility is available. However, to avoid
unexpected delays and parking problems, it is better to use public transport and reach on-time.

4. Practice the Most Common Interview Questions
For any job position, there are a couple of questions that you can expect in the interview. You
have to be well-prepared to answer them effectively, and leave your own impression on the
potential employer. You should be able to answer the questions like

• Tell me about yourself
• Why you should we hire you?
• What are your biggest strengths?
• What are your greatest weaknesses?
• Where do you see yourself after one year in this company?

These are the general questions that do not have any fixed answers, so frame your answers
accordingly. Remember, do not lie anytime to the recruiter, because we generally forget what
we have told falsely.

5. Stay Positive
Always try to present yourself confidently and positively before the potential employer. Don’t
get yourself diverted from the streamline, which can blur the attention of the recruiter. If you
have quit or get fired from the earlier job and asked ‘why you have left the job?’ then answer
tactfully, highlighting the positive aspects. Do not blame or pass any negative comments on the
previous employer, which can make the recruiter lose confidence in you. Always end the
interview with a thank you and a little smile on your face.

Wrapping Up
Job interviews are usually blended with anxiety and fear, inducing stressful circumstances for
both the participants and recruiters. Being the participant, you will have the stress of doing
great in the interview, while the recruiters will have the stress of picking the right talent on
board. So, be prepared for your interview by following these steps, which will not only make
you perform well in the interview but also make the interviewer highly impressed.

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